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Tile & Grout

♦ All ceramic tile and grout

♦ Bathroom floors

♦ Showers and tubs

♦ Kitchen floors

♦ Tiled foyers and entryways

♦ Tiled halls

♦ Sunrooms

♦ Countertops and more!


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At Dynamic Steam Carpet Cleaners, we go out of our way to exceed all our client’s expectations. When you hire us for grout cleaning, we’ll take the time to do our job diligently and accurately. We understand how important it is to have your floors looking well-maintained and sparkling clean.

Whether you’re a business owner, a homeowner, or the manager of a large commercial facility, you’re probably aware that your floors take a lot of abuse on a daily basis; and it goes without saying that the better the state of your floors, the better an impression your space is likely to give on a whole.


St. Petersburg, FL and the surrounding areas


Roger Townsend (Owner)